We are a christian campus group and invite you to talk with us about faith and have great conversations, but also a lot of fun!

Please note: With the Saxonian Corona Protection Regulation of June 06, 2020 it is again possible to organise events under certain regulations. In addition the corona virus situation has improved recently. As SMD Chemnitz, we are happy to take this opportunity to meet again in a way that complies with legal and hygienic requirements and ensures the safety of all participants. For this purpose, we are releasing an official hygiene concept which is binding for all participants and must be carefully read and understood before participating in any of our events.

Despite that, we will still record our topic nights as videos and stream them live.

We hope that we will have a nice and blessed time despite the current conditions and restrictions and we are looking forward to meet you all again!

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05.08.2020 19:00 Uhr

Summer Night

Welcome to our summer party where we will end the semester outside. If the weather is bad we will either go inside or spontanously move to an other day.

Note: The meeting will take at a private residence. Therefore registration in advance is necessary! After that we will tell you the address. Our hygiene concept applies, which must be read and understood carefully before attending the event.