Trip to Görlitz and Rakotzbrücke – and a short visit in Poland


On Thursday, 9th May, it was Ascension Day and we used this day to explore a city about four hours from Chemnitz, Görlitz and its surroundings. We met bright and early at 6:50 at Chemnitz main station with about 30 people joining. Then we took a few different trains and after about four hours of nice train rides enjoying the scenery and each other’s company we arrived in Görlitz. From there we set out to explore the city with its nice buildings and streets and enjoyed the sun, which made the walk all the more enjoyable. After walking around for a while, we were even able to go to another country – there was a bridge over which we were able to go to Poland! So, for some of us this was the first time going to Poland, even if it was only for a few minutes. Then we made our way back to the train station and took a train from there to go to the famous “Rakotzbrücke”, or devil’s bridge, which is a picturesque bridge that is located in a really nice park. Some of took a bus to the park, while others waked there and after a while we found a nice place for a picnic. It was the birthday of one of our staff members, who was walking there and hadn’t arrived yet when we arrived with the bus, so we prepared some picnic blankets and some snacks and then sang “Happy Birthday” when he arrived. It was a very nice picnic near a nice pond in the park with the sun shining and some delicious food. Then after a while we took the bus back to the station and then took the train connections back to Chemnitz, tired and also happy and thankful for the nice time.

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