An Easter walk in Grüna


On Easter Monday we, a group of twelve people, took a little trip to Grüna to enjoy an Easter walk and the fresh air. We met at Chemnitz main station and a few stops later we had already arrived and started our walk in the forest. One of our staff members had picked a nice route and we enjoyed the walk and the time together. After a while we got to the “Maria-Josepha tower” and here most of us climbed up this 30-meter-high tower and were able to enjoy a beautiful view, even seeing the Lutherchurch and our part of Chemnitz with binoculars. Even though it was very windy, we took a group picture and then went back down the stairs and continued on. On the side of the path we came across three crosses that had been built together out of wood and were poking out of a little hill. This reminded us of the event we celebrate on Easter: Jesus Christ died for us and rose again and that is why we can live with God if we want to. Reminders like this are so important in our daily lives. Then we arrived at the train station again and took the train back to Chemnitz. It was a very nice Easter walk with great people!

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