Reformation Day - hiking and movie night


On Reformation Day, we went hiking in Saxon Switzerland together with the SMD groups of Saxony (i.e. SMD Dresden, Leipzig and Freiberg). Our Chemnitz group first travelled to Dresden, and from there to Wehlen. We then met up with everyone else at Wehlen train station and set off on the tour to Rauhenstein and finally heading towards Königstein. We always had a great view and despite the grey weather of the last few days, there were also moments of sunshine! During a break, we gathered in small groups, read short Bible texts and discussed what they said about Jesus. All in all, it was a really nice trip where we were able to meet lots of new people. The physical activity (overcoming the metres in altitude was quite challenging at times) was also good for our student bodies. :D

We were back in the evening and anyone who still had energy could go straight to the SMD room, where we watched a film about Martin Luther (the German one) and talked about it afterwards.

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