Trip to Freiberg and SMD Freiberg evening


On Monday, 20th May, which was Pentecost, we enjoyed a nice afternoon and evening in Freiberg, which is only about 40 minutes from Chemnitz by train. We met at the train station and then set off to explore Freiberg with about 15 people. When we arrived in Freiberg, a staff member of SMD Freiberg welcomed us because he was kind enough to give us a tour of Freiberg and tell us a bit about the history. We started off by splitting into three groups and having different challenges of finding a place in Freiberg, taking a picture and finding out a fact about that place. Then we met again at the Obermarkt, the upper market place, and continued our tour of Freiberg, learning some interesting facts about the history and mining culture there. Then we made our way to a higher point where we were able to overlook Freiberg. Just as we arrived at the top, we could see rain in the distance and then all of a sudden it had arrived at our point, too. It started pouring, but thankfully we had two picnic blankets we could stand under and stay more or less dry. It was a funny experience to hear and feel the rain all around us and a few minutes later, to see the sun again. Then we heard a small topic about the “Freiberg chapter” in the book of Job in the Bible, which is a very interesting chapter related to silver mining. It was interesting to hear how the author of the chapter 28 begins by describing mining and how people can use their wisdom for many things, but then ends by saying “Where does wisdom come from? The fear of the Lord – that is wisdom.”

Then we continued walking around a bit and then made our way to the SMD event that we were able to attend in the evening. It was really nice to meet people from SMD Freiberg and exchange on how we see God working in our lives and hear from some of the members how they experience God in their lives. SMD Freiberg welcomed us very warmly with nice conversations, good food and great people.

After the SMD evening, we made our way back to the train station and then were in Chemnitz at around 10:30 with really great impressions and memories.

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