SMD-Easter walk


The year is moving fast - already we are celebrating Easter 2023 and proclaiming: Jesus lives! We can rejoice in this message not only on Easter Sunday, but every day.

On Easter Monday we were blessed with wonderful, sunny weather and so we met for an Easter walk - an international Easter walk, to be exact. Among the 14 people who came together, there were 8 nationalities (Egypt, Germany, Kenya, India, Israel, Russia, South Korea and Ukraine). In the early afternoon we set off for the Zeisigwald and after we had refueled ourselves with ice cream and co. we walked a nice round through the beautiful nature, together with many other visitors, who had the same idea on this day. Our highlight of the day was a little girl we met on the route. She was walking with her parents, carrying a small basket full of Easter chocolate. And without saying a word, she started cheerfully handing out her candy to us. We can sometimes learn a thing or two from children.

After the walk, we gathered in the SMD clubroom and read together the Easter story in the Bible. And afterwards we had pizza. A day that was really good for us.

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