Get your free German Lessons and find out more about German culture and student's life!

Are you new to Germany and/or want to improve your German skills? Then our German lessons may be the right thing for you! With a little booklet we will learn about different aspects of German language such as pronounciation, spelling and grammer. It does not matter whether you speak German already good or not. All language levels are welcome. We can practice German together and discuss different questions together. You can also talk to Germans and practice pronunciation and everyday communication.

Book: Neu in Deutschland (New to Germany)?

For the lessons we use the book "Neu in Deutschland" (New to Germany) which has been created by the Germanwide SMD association. The book ist written in German and English and can be downloaded online or ordered from us for free.


Our German lessons will take place normally on Wednesdays at 6 pm in our clubroom (Vettersstraße 72, 09126 Chemnitz). If you are interested in meeting and talking to us personally or to join the online lesson, feel free to contact us.