About SMD

The "Studentenmission in Deutschland" (SMD in short form) is a Christian campus ministry which is active in many German FHs and universities. Our aim is to live our Christian faith at the university because we think that the faith in Jesus and scientific thinking does not exclude each other but belong together in a great way! In addition we belive that the Christian faith gives peace and power especially in hard, busy and challenging times of our daily life.

SMD Chemnitz is leaded and organized by students of TU Chemnitz. We invite everyone to get to know us. Our weekly meetings (every Wednesday at 7 PM) are open for all. Despite that we have also further events. Additionally you can meet as at several campus boofs or public talks.

Internationally Committed

We are an international university group. Students from more than 20 different countries around the world regularly take part in our events. For this reason, getting to know each other, socialising and practical support for the integration process are especially important to us. That's why we volunteers try to assist our foreign friends as much as possible and also involve them in our work ourselves. Our free offers such as German lessons, excursions and visits, international evenings, etc. are open to anyone who is interested. In addition, we are happy to help with visits to the authorities, questions about studying or looking for a job.

Are you an international student and need support or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Personal Experiences

By clicking on the pictures below you can read detailed reports of people who frequently join and participate in SMD Chemnitz and our events.