Welcome Night (winter semester 2022/23)


The SMD ‘Welcome night’ is a very special night when we kick-off the new semester and when we meet the new students for the first time.

The German class conducted by Ms. Maria Rau started off the evening and many enthusiastic foreigners attended the class to better their German skills. Since there were approximately 15 people in the clubroom when the clock ticked 7pm, our initial thoughts for the evening were that not many people would come as all the clubs were open and the students could go to any of them. But God worked a miracle like one when He fed the 5000. There were a total of 90 people in SMD this evening thus setting a new record in the history of SMD Chemnitz.

Since there were a lot of new students, Ms. Luise Mevius gave a brief introduction of what SMD Chemnitz is and what we do. As the food was ready at this point, we had a dinner break where all the people could enjoy delicious food from all over the world. The main course was food from Pakistan, India, and Germany and to give a proper finish to the dinner, there were also desserts like Coconut cake, Tiramisu, Pudding and Apple tart. All the students relished the food and we even had leftovers just like in the case of Jesus’ miracle of feeding the 5000.

After the dinner, we sang songs together and then the new semester topic, REJOICING, was officially introduced to SMD Chemnitz. We held a small presentation to explain our reason for choosing this topic and we also conveyed the message that we have a reason to eternally rejoice because of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Since it was a special night, we also played a small game on Kahoot that the students might share some fun and laughs with each other and in this process, get to know each other more. The evening officially ended after singing one final song and the closing prayer. Many students stayed back and continued their discussions with each other till late in the night. This gave all the staff members the chance to talk with the students and start a friendship with them.

This evening served as a reminder to all the staff members about how great of a God we serve. He was the one who brought all these people here and gave us the opportunity to serve them. It also filled us with an expectation of all the things He will be doing later in the semester.

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