SMD-trip to Meißen


What porcelain, August the Strong and "skating" have to do with Meissen? That's something the SMD Chemnitz group could discover together on Saturday, november 5th, 2022. 40 students from Chemnitz were led by curiosity and the beautiful weather and discovered together the history of Meissen, the porcelain production and the Albrechtsburg. After a two-hour drive and a short round of getting to know each other, there was a very informative and unique city tour by one of the SMD staff members. You can see the big group in the photo on the right, which was taken in beautiful sunshine. After a lunch break, there was the opportunity to visit the Albrechtsburg castle. Very modern and appealingly designed, we had a lot of fun walking around and discovering the past. My personal highlight was: the large banquet hall, which could only be entered with slippers. That way you could "skate" (slide) across the floor - I mean of course walk, as it is appropriate ;)
During the tour in the Albrechtsburg one could also go on a treasure hunt and get a certificate if one was successful. While most of us where in the castle, others were out in the town and enjoyed the sun, air and beautiful architecture.
Around 7pm we were back in Chemnitz and could look back on a wonderful day. Thanks to all who were there - we are looking forward to the next trip with you!


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