Staff member meeting for next semester


Before the start of every semester, all the staff members of SMD meet to reflect on all what Jesus has done and led us through in the previous semester. It is a time of thanksgiving and joy for the past but more importantly it is also a time of decision making for the future i.e., the up-coming semester.

The meeting took place in the SMD clubroom on the evening of September 21st. We shared our experiences and thoughts about the previous semester and this was followed by a feedback and evaluation round to find out how we can serve Jesus and the student community more through our efforts. Taking all the points into account, we were able to formulate a vision for SMD.

The most important part of this meeting is deciding a new topic for the new semester. We decided on a topic that is the most beneficial for the students and they could relate the most to and brought the meeting to a close after deciding the schedule for the upcoming semester. There is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming semester because of the topic of the new semester and also because of our plan to do a lot of trips and hikes in and around Chemnitz.

So, if you are a new person who is reading this report, we welcome you to come to SMD and check us out. You do not need to be a Christian to be here. We would love to host and spend time with you to get to know you.

As always, we have Jesus and Jesus alone to thank for all that He is doing through SMD.

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